Sorting 101

Wednesday night was a chilly night but that didn’t stop a few teens from helping out sorting three big totes of toiletries! All of these donations we had received were from our friends at “Our Thrift Store.” They receive the toiletries and they cannot use them so they donate them to us and no matter what we find a home for all of them!

That night there were only five of us but the sorting was fun! We sorted through a lot of makeup that will make some ladies very happy! Everyone had a really fun time sorting and making a game out of who could find the most unique item donated or see if they could get the toiletries into the bin from their seated positions.

Within no time all the toiletries were sorted. Some things we had a lot of, like toothpaste and toothbrushes, and then some bins were nearly empty, like pocket-sized Kleenex and chapstick.

It was a great night for having some fun and making a difference. Yes, sorting toiletries is making a difference because now packing them is so much easier and we know exactly what we have and what we need!


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