We Need You

Your help is needed to change lives! Many people simply do not know how to help, and while one person can make a great difference, much can be accomplished with the help of many. You can be that one person! Life is amazing and there are many opportunities to bring about change in your lifetime. All you need to do is take the first step.
Jumbled Dreams, CHanging Lives, Making a Difference
How can you help?

Everyone has a dream, and everyone faces some kind of adversity. Jumbled Dreams Changing Lives is asking you to take your dreams and help others through their difficult times. Jumbled Dreams will partner with different charitable causes each month. You may want to be part of that partnership. If not, you might consider donating a minimum of three dollars a month to a cause that relates to your dream.

    • You could volunteer at a charity, or even just help someone in need.
    • You could get involved with a school club (if you are in school), or
    • You could just put a smile on someone’s face by smiling at them. Sometimes that is the best possible thing to do! You might think that is not helping but often one smile can change their day!
What Dreams Can Do!
  • Dreams make you want to do things – like helping the homeless and feeding the hungry.
  • Dreams make you want to end things –  like finding a cure to end cancer or other life-threatening diseases.
  • Dreams make you want to accomplish things – like becoming rich or famous and using that status to bring about change.
Why not use your dreams to help others?

There are a number of ways you can use your dreams to help.  Perhaps your dream is to help fight homelessness or hunger and you volunteer to serve meals at a homeless shelter.  Or perhaps you have done something else to change lives, tell us about it, and we will post it on our blog.  Your story might inspire others to help!

Be the change in this world! Your dreams are limitless!