The Storm That Never Lets Up



We all know that Tennessee weather can be crazy. But when something unexpected comes ripping through your city and destroying it, that is when you know the weather is crazy. On this Tuesday an EF-3 tornado ripped through Nashville and four other surrounding counties. Homes destroyed, lives lost, and everything in-between. I had plans already to go downtown and drop off donations to some of our partner organizations, but now there was more to be done. I called my mom who was already at work and asked her if I could have my grandparents take me to the emergency shelters and let me drop off donations and be able to help in any way we can. She thought that it was a great idea, so I packed up all the toiletry kits and all of the first aid kits we had and we went on our way.

At the first shelter they had so many donations already that they could no longer accept any, and that really hurt me at first. How could someone turn down someone who wants to help and make a difference? However, they gave a list of the other shelters open at the time. We tried to get to another one but it was completely blocked by broken poles, trees, and debris. It was heartbreaking because we could not get to them. We then tried the one last resort, the Community Resource Center of Nashville.  They were so happy to receive the individual toiletry kits containing hand sanitizers and the first aid kits.  In fact, they accepted our donations with open arms and they were so loving. They didn’t have any toiletries or first aid kits. They were so thankful that they called me later that day and thanked me again and again. It was really sweet and such a privilege for us to do.  Of course, it was all made possible by you, our friends.

Sometimes it takes a little time to find the right home for our donations but now they have a home that can help so many people in so many ways. The smallest things can mean the world to someone.  Nashville is one strong community that I am so thankful to be a part of!

Nashville Strong today and every day.

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