March Partner of the Month- Threads of Care

Teens helping teens, beyond partners. When Sydnee met Zachary Wolfson in 2018 they immediately became friends. They had so much in common! Both started organizations and they both wanted to help teens in need. Threads of Care is an LLC that focuses on collecting clothing items for teens experiencing homelessness.

     It is always important to get teens involved early in volunteering. This way they have that heart and want to continue to volunteer throughout their whole life. Zach was a senior when I met him and we have kept in touch ever since. Since he went to college we have stayed partners with TOC.

Every year TOC has been helping with our large event called Christmas Dreams.  They help serve hot chocolate to our friends downtown. What was a cool opportunity this year is I was told that they had a TOC chapter in every other local school except mine. So I was super excited for the opportunity to start that chapter at our school!

We had some clothes that we had collected over the past few months. We took the 30 bags to the leader of TOC, and we were able to donate them to local organizations that needed them.

It is an honor to be a part of the TOC family and have them as our partner of the month for March. Teens loving teens to make a difference.

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