Packing Mission


On a mission? You bet! When you have 7 tubs of toiletries yet to be sorted and then packed, you need all the help you can get. We are expected to receive storms this week so I am sure these toiletry bags will come into play at some point.

We were supposed to have over 20 people/teens come to help with the packing and sorting. However, we quickly realized that most of them were not going to show up. But six did. When you see 20 volunteers signed up you get extremely excited because you know you will get the sorting done. But we fell back to reality very quickly.

Since we did not have 20 people we had to spilt up the jobs. Three people sorted and three people packed the toiletries as they came in. We had the opportunity to pack 1,284 toiletries into bags that day. It was incredible. We had fun making it more and more of a competition.

We also had the opportunity to have Shower the People Nashville to join us to explain their mission.  We were able to learn about their mobile shower truck and their donation process. We gave them clothes, toiletries, and toilet paper for the homeless they help.

We had a lot to do and accomplish and although we did not get everything accomplished we did get what needed to be done and handled!

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