The Love Offering – Episode 27

Love Offering Podcast, Jumbled Dreams, Making a Difference

I have mother and daughter Jennifer and Sydnee Floyd on today’s episode sharing about their ministry Jumbled Dreams. What dream has God laid on your heart? What dream can you help make happen in the life of someone else? Join the conversation as we chat about making dreams come true and changing lives through giving and serving.

We discuss:

    • The heart behind their ministry
    • Our capacity to give
    • The definition of success in ministry
    • Overcoming fear and excuses to serve
    • Making service a priority
    • Homelessness
    • WE organization
    • I Have A Dream Campaign
    • Modeling service


Quotes to remember:

“I was sent here for a reason. I am God’s messenger.” – Sydnee

“Just the simple necessities can make someone feel ok. So many people think they can’t help, but it’s the little things that make a difference.” – Jennifer

“We have people in our own backyard who need our help.” – Sydnee

“We don’t deserve this. We didn’t do anything big. We just packed deodorant in a bag and gave it to somebody.” – Jennifer

“Imagine if we put all of our minds together the difference we could make.” – Sydnee

“What moves you? What makes your heart skip a beat? What can you do to make a difference in the life of another?” – Jennifer

“I define success one person, one dream, one prayer at a time. Not only are we helping those who are in need, but hopefully inspiring others to volunteer and give back.” -Jennifer

“God shows up in the most mysterious ways. It amazes me. I see God most when I see my friends serve and in the smiles of those we serve.” – Sydnee

“It would be so easy to turn around and walk away and not look at all the need out there. But every time I think I don’t have any more to give, God calls me back and provides. He shows me there are more ways to serve. He says do what you can with what you have.” – Jennifer

“Seeing the hope and the possibility it could be different is what keeps us going.” – Jennifer

“If God is going to lead us to it, He will not let it hurt us and He will help us get through it.” – Jennifer

“It’s just what you choose. If you choose to live a life to serve others, it can be that way. It’s all about what is in your heart.” -Jennifer

“There are always going to be people that need help. It could be us one day. While I can, with what I have, this is my time to answer what Jesus has asked us to do, to serve the least of these.” – Jennifer

“We aren’t finished because there is still need.” – Sydnee

“What if this was us? How would we want to be treated?” – Jennifer

“Go for it now. The longer you wait, the less time you will have to make an impact.” – Sydnee

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