Stop and Take the Time

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The other day I was in our local Walgreens to pick up my medication. I was in a rush, as usual, but something made me slow down the checkout line!

We have all been there.  Frustrated.  Irritated.  Upset.  Asking, why do they not open more lines?  I looked around.  It’s the beginning of flu season.  Many of the people were ill and were waiting to be seen at the clinic.  Others were waiting to talk to someone about medication they were picking up. Then I saw what the hold-up was.  At the front of the line, the pharmacist had stopped everything he was doing to take the time to show an elderly woman how to use a thermometer.  She had one of the older versions that were difficult to read and her tired worn out eyes just couldn’t tell if she needed to give her husband, who was home with bronchitis, more medication or take him to the hospital and she was so concerned.

I stood there and tears rolled down my face as the pharmacist asked her to wait at the counter and went to get her a new thermometer, the types that are large boldfaced and light up different colors to indicate a fever.  He took his time and instructed her on how to use it.  It was simple.  Turn it on.  Place it under his tongue and wait for it to beep.  If it stayed green, he was fine.  If it turned yellow, she should give him medication, and if it turned red, she should take him to the hospital.  She was speechless and grateful.

She went to pay for this new gift she had found and the pharmacist simply said, “It’s on me.”  She smiled and thanked him and walked away.  I watched her leave and I could tell on her face and in her walk how grateful she was.

I walked up to pay for my medication and smiled at the pharmacist.  He immediately apologized for the wait.  I said, “No apology needed.  I’d wait a lifetime for moments and people like you.  Thank you for helping her.”

It really is the simple, smallest acts of kindness that matter.

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