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Often I am a sucker when I see things that melt my heart such as someone opening the door for someone else, saying nice things, or just being friendly to a stranger. But I also am a sucker for seeing things that break my heart, and immediately I want to fix them. One of those heartbreakers for me is seeing someone not have food. When I was little a lot of my friends did not have food to take home with them so I would secretly sneak them food at school that they could take home for the night.

Second Harvest Food Bank is working in Middle Tennessee to help fight hunger. Not only did we have a bunch of my friends from Ravenwood, we also had the PALS club from Kentucky come and join us for the weekend. Overall, we had about 20 volunteers join us that evening. Personally, I was so excited to have my friends from both Kentucky and Tennessee to be there with me.

We went through the Second Harvest volunteer orientation and then made our way to the warehouse. Everyone who had not been there before got a tour and what to expect during our two hours of packing in the family room. The Volunteer Coordinator showed us how to pack the bags, she also explained the other jobs that needed to be done.

Then it was time to begin. I was a stocker so anytime someone needed new supplies I would restock it for them, and man was that a job. We packed over 5,000 pounds of food that night. I met new people and learned more about some of my friends.

Being surrounded by friends and becoming closer with them over something that is my passion means the world to me. Volunteering does change your life. It truly does!

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