Packing Toiletries

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Blessings in Disguise

Some people are just straight-up blessings! The PALS Club in Kentucky is one of those groups. When we get donations, they are generally all mixed up and you honestly have no clue what is going to be in the bins and bags. So we are so thankful for people who work with us to separate all of the toiletries!

We thought it would take them a lot of time because we had a large number of donations at the time. But it took them less than an hour. We had the best time separating the toiletries because we made it a game.  It was so much fun to laugh and goof off with friends.

Without their separating the toiletries it would be a lot harder to pack items for our homeless friends. Thank you to the PALS club for making our life so much easier! We appreciate you!

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