Recap of Freshman Year

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The past year was a huge year for me. I went through my FRESHMAN year of high school. “Wow, I am actually a freshman” is what I said on the first day of school and now coming to the end of the year I cannot believe that I will be a sophomore! It amazes me how fast time goes when you are living life. I wrote this post because  I want you to know about this year; you may have gone through similar situations.  You can always email me at or you can direct message me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as well! First, let’s talk about all the good things that happened this year!

The Good:

  1. FINALLY OUT OF MIDDLE SCHOOL- shew I am so glad middle school is over because you just long for more freedom and more opportunities!
  2. Started Echos for Hope- starting EFH has been a great accomplishment. I love that I can help teens get more involved in volunteering and showing them that there is a need.
  3. Meet new people and made new friends- I LOVE meeting new people and friends! Having 1800 students in your high school gives you that opportunity! I met so many new people and having the chance to branch out and be me, and find more people who are like me.
  4. Good Grades- Although geometry was very difficult for me at first, I was very fortunate to end the school year with all A’s
  5. Joining 5 new clubs- I love doing so many different things and with my high school offering over 200 clubs and after-school activities I had so many options! I had to narrow it down to my favorites and I absolutely love these clubs!
  6. Having amazing teachers- Okay when we are in high school or any school for that matter we tend to complain about our teachers, and yes I am guilty of that, but I have amazing teachers and role models this year!

The Not So Good:

  1. Being Bullied- getting made fun of and some mean messages is not cool, but it only makes me stronger and shows me that I can make a difference
  2. DRAMA- oh goodness how much I hate drama, it constantly just makes me want to pull my hair out and to throw up. But it shows me so much about myself and others.
  3. Losing Friendships- coming into high school I had some very strong friendships but quickly I realized that people were not including me in their plans or not talking to me. I was left out of many things and I soon realized they didn’t want to be my friend anymore. So I had to move on and of course, I made new friendships but not as many as you think.

There is so much more I could say and do, but I don’t want to bore you guys! I hope this shows you that I go through everyday things just like you do. There is good and bad in everything you do. Just know that I care about you even if I do not know you! I am so glad that you read this! Until next time!


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