Perfection Vs. Imperfection

Perfection. One of those words that everyone tries to live by but it never works. You try to be this version of yourself that is perfect. Social media shows that side of you, but it does not show the stress, the tears, or the imperfections. It shows you always happy or “thriving.” But do you really feel this way every single moment of your life? No, but society makes you want to be that way.

Imperfections. We all have them. The people you are living with may call you out on them, or you just internally fight with yourself about your imperfections. You see yourself in the mirror and you just hate those imperfections in your looks or personality. Have you ever been in a conversation and you say something or do something and people stare at you or give you a look? It just makes you feel so awkward and alone.

We all have these struggles; I am here to tell you to EMBRACE THOSE IMPERFECTIONS. No one is like you! You have those imperfections for a reason that makes you the person you are and they will help you in your lifetime. You are so loved. I promise that perfection in your life will never happen. NO ONE IS PERFECT!! That is so important for you to realize! You are made with imperfections to make you unique! Being different is COOL! Yes, I just called you COOL!

This world already tries to tear you down; DO NOT bring yourself down even more. Rock your body, rock your personality, and rock your life no matter what is going on. Bad things happen and you are not perfect but you have to embrace that and realize it will all work out in the end. BECAUSE YOU ARE COOL!

Rock those imperfections!

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