April Partner of the Month- Cedar City Critters

Books with meaning. That’s the best way to reach others across the world in a different way, and the best part is, these books are made for children. See below the four books in this series and how they are making a difference in children’s lives. These books teach valuable lessons that we all should know no matter our age.


Little Blessings- “People are as different as fish in the water, but everyone is blessed with a purpose. Your blessing might be courage, humor, or being a good listener. We should share our own “little blessings” with others.”


Words that Fly- “Critters use calls to speak to one another. Remember when you speak, use your words wisely. Once words are said, they grow wings and fly away.”


Humble Pie- “Pride sneaks up on people as quietly as a critter in the woods. If you love your neighbor as you love yourself, pride will never sneak up on you.”


Follow Directions- “It’s easy to be impatient and not listen to those guiding us. The critters learn that words of wisdom can keep you and others out of trouble. Always follow directions.”


For more information or to order the books please visit: https://cedarcitycritters.com/

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