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My name is Parrish Rothman, and I am a sophomore at Ravenwood High School. Some of my passions include swimming, painting, and hanging out with friends. I am on the Dance Marathon Committee. This is a club where we raise money for the Vandy Children’s Hospital. At the end of the year, we have a “Dance Marathon” where we spend time, play with, and dance with our designated “Miracle Kids.” For me, this club holds a very special place in my heart. Last year I was not a part of the club, but I went to the Dance Marathon. It was honestly the best night. It was so great to be able to put a smile on these kids’ faces. Most of the kids’ at the event had and still battled serious, life-threatening diseases. Being able to distract the kids from their situations for just one night was such a blessing. One kid still sticks out to me, and her name is Maddox.


Maddox, similar to others there, had been battling a chronic illness. However, you would never know just by looking at her. She was just your average kid. She was goofy, silly, and fun-loving. I know that I learned way more from Maddox than she ever would learn from me. Unfortunately, Maddox passed away this past summer. However, the impact she made on my life and many others will never be forgotten. Maddox taught me what really matters in life.


One of the things I learned from that exceptional night was…at the end of the day it is not the amount of money you have or the number of followers that truly matter. Instead, it is the relationships you build, the people you touch, and the things you do for others. I have always wondered why God chose for me to live the life I live while others are not as fortunate. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why was I healthy and Maddox sick? Although I have always pondered the answer for God’s plan behind all of this, there is not a clear cut answer. I will never know. IT STINKS (I know)!!! However, I do know that life is short. Tomorrow is not promised, so LOVE BIG. With all that being said…be nice to others, forgive, and choose joy!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my story with you guys today.


With love,

Parrish <3


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