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OHM – Advisors:  Nashville

OHM-Advisors is a diverse, mission-driven team working collaboratively across multiple service areas, including architecture, engineering, planning, urban design and landscape architecture, surveying, and construction engineering, to create better places for people.  Their whole office is a family; I knew that the first time I talked to them. They heard about us through some mutual friends and asked for more information.

After a few weeks of back and forth communication to decide what they could do to help us the most, we decided a collection for our winter needs was an area where we needed the most help.  They ran a two-week drive with the 60 employees in their company. They raised over 1,600 items as they reached their goal! It was amazing to see what a group can do when they work together.

On Sunday, when we had our packing day, some of their employees from OHM-Advisors joined us to pack all of our items into bags and boxes to transport them downtown to our Christmas Dreams event. They brought MORE donations that they had collected at the time and most of those were used for the winter kits. They also helped us create an assembly line and pack the toiletries.

One special volunteer, who was just four years old, helped make sure all the trash was picked up and everything was in place! His enthusiasm for a job well done and excitement to help was contagious and was a true example that there is truly something for everyone to do to make a difference!

Thank you to OHM-Advisors for making a positive impact on our life and in the lives of over 1,600 people you changed with your donations.  We appreciate you!


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