Waiting and Kindess

As I sat in my car waiting for my granddaughter to get off work, I witnessed an act of kindness.     Several people were coming out of the restaurant.  One was an elderly Caucasian lady who was rather frail-looking.  Another was an African American gentleman who I would guess to be in his thirties.  The lady started walking toward the handicap ramp while the rest of the group stepped down to walk toward the parking lot.  The lady stopped and looked down and then up with a concerned look on her face.  The gentleman noticed the lady had stopped walking, and so he turned around to speak to her.  The next thing I knew the gentleman was stooped down beside the lady tying her shoe.  He stood up and they both laughed and went on their way – her down the ramp and him down the step.  It would have been so easy for the gentleman to walk on with the group, but he didn’t.  At the same time, it would have been just as easy for the lady to refuse his help, but she didn’t.   I felt hope for mankind after seeing this simple act of kindness.

-Sue Wake

Franklin, TN

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