Your Rags can be Riches

I was raised in a middle income family in small town in Kentucky.  Anywhere else, we might have been considered very poor.  I had what I needed and most of what I wanted growing up, but I remember vividly not always understanding why others weren’t like us.  When it was time to purge our closets, we gave back to our favorite local non-profit, Mountain Outreach.  We loved giving gently used items away and watching others find riches in them.

Flash forward to today.  When I made the decision to move from that safe small quaint town in Kentucky to the big lights of Music City Nashville, one of the reasons why was to help my daughter have experiences, both good and bad, that I never did.  You are probably thinking mother of the year, right?  Why would anyone want their child to have bad or difficult experiences?  So she can learn and grow and discover her own path that is so uniquely hers and not mine.  I can already see that it is working.  We have been here just over three years now and I see her making a difference, in her own way.  That unique path and way have helped mold and change others, have inspired many, and have guided several who were lost.

Help us turn your rags to riches.  The next time you decide to purge your closets of clothes, shoes, coats, blankets, etc, we ask that you think of us.  The items that you consider no longer worthy, your rags, we can turn into riches for those who have nothing, that live in shelters, on the streets, or in low-income housing.

With one decision, you can change numerous lives from rags to riches.


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