To Be a Volunteer

What does it mean to be a volunteer?  It simply means to want to help those in need.

A few years ago my wife and I moved to Franklin, TN.  We came from a very poor county in Southeast KY, and the needs were great.  But Franklin, TN is in Williamson County, a fairly affluent community.  Life is much different here.  Yet, there are those with needs and opportunities to be a volunteer.

We discovered a ministry here, GraceWorks, that provides for many needs.  And this is where we volunteer.  We take donated clothing and price each piece, usually between $1 – $3.  The clothing is then put in the thrift store so it may be purchased, and the sale provides inexpensive clothing for those in need.  The money that is raised is used to provide food and housing assistance (rent, utilities, etc.) to those in need.  We gain a great deal of satisfaction knowing that our being a volunteer ultimately helps others.

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