One Girl Inspiring Others Through Numerous Causes

Alisha Gupta is proving to others that she is a changemaker. She has started numerous organizations, projects, and proved to so many how she is a dream maker! Read all about who she is, her organizations, and how you can get involved below!

Alisha Gupta Bio: 

Alisha Gupta

Founder and Host of the What Cause Inspires You podcast series 

Humanity Rising Youth Lead, Social Media Lead, Marketing Intern, Ambassador 

I am the CEO and Founder of nonprofit Needed but Forgotten, which was piloted in 2015 and aims to leverage excess and closeout manufacturer inventories of suitcases to improve the lives of foster children around  California. I now lead a 12 person team and have established partnerships with over 15 agencies and 5 retail companies providing not only suitcases but essential supplies during this pandemic. 


I am an intern and youth lead for Maitri. Last February, I held a teen convention to help spread awareness about toxic masculinity, gender inequality, partner violence, and healthy relationships. My goal as a youth manager is to reach youth audiences and inform them on topics that are often prevalent but ignored in discussion and to do so I organize and market community sponsorships and fundraiser events. 


My latest venture is the What Cause Inspires You podcast launched and hosted by myself and run through Humanity Rising. I launched the What Cause Inspires You podcast as a way for students to share the service they are doing in their communities. I am also the marketing and social media head. 


My podcast series led me to helping student-run non-profits and organizations expand and gain traction and publicity in their communities. Fill out this form to let me know how I can help you too! 

What Cause Inspires You Bio: 

I am deeply involved in community service as a youth manager of Maitri to aid victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, a lifelong Girl Scout committed to service for the underprivileged, as 

well as the founder and CEO of non-profit ‘Needed but Forgotten’ to provide suitcases to foster children. As a social entrepreneur, I strive to use business skills as a way to streamline change into communities and inspire social justice. 


I launched the What Cause Inspires You podcast as a way for students to share the service they are doing in their communities. The podcast was initiated after my experience with cyberbullying and a want to bring awareness to the issue. I thought, what better way to educate my peers about a topic close to home other than hearing it from a student like themselves. My episode “Behind the Screen: The Harms of Cyberbullying” was a hit, attracting over 50 live viewers and thousands of Spotify and Youtube listeners. From there, I had youth from around the nation reach out to me to use my What Cause Inspires You podcast series as a platform to gain traction for their own movements; I was beyond thrilled to help. 


As I work with more and more student-run non-profits and organizations, I am inspired by the change my own new generation is making and the impact they are leaving. I took it upon myself to use my experience and voice to help these students help more and encourage other youth to follow in their footsteps. The What Cause Inspires You podcast accepts exceptional and motivated youth, ages 13-21, who have gone the extra mile to make a difference in their community, whether it is collecting essentials for homeless shelters, educating about stuttering awareness and anti-bullying measures, or writing encouraging letters to mental health facilities. As a team, What Cause Inspires You can pair with student organizations to help spread the message and accelerate change. 

Want to learn more? Check out below:



Instagram: @alisha_g9, @whatcauseinspiresyou (to stay updated with the upcoming live podcast registration links)

Website: (the What Cause Inspires You landing page is coming soon!) 



View Previous Podcasts: 

Spotify: Humanity Rising Voices–PBIQ1W99EWkiOMUEQ 


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