June Partner of the Month- Recycled Rainbows

Abby Neff is someone who knows how to be creative and truly make a change. We have all broken crayons that we no longer use, and most of us would just throw them away. However, Abby has found a way to recycle these crayons and make them into cool shapes for younger ages! The crayons are also given to those who have longer stays in the hospital so they can remain busy while in a confined space!


Here is an excerpt from Abby, “3 years ago, I started collecting used crayons from restaurants, museums, churches and local community members like you. I saw them being thrown away and I knew I could put them to good use, so they would not end up in the landfill. That is when I created Recycled Rainbows.  Since then I have been able to collaborate with non-profit conservation groups and fund their educational programs. I have given countless presentations to organizations and elementary schools. Supported community members with new art supplies and recycled reading resources. Created specialty crayons for adults and children with disabilities to utilize in therapy.

Designed SMART Bags filled with over 80 activities to support underserved youth and children going through long term care at hospitals. That is why I hope my project Recycled Rainbows inspires children to change the world through the art of recycling and conservation.”


She is truly inspiring others to reuse, reduce, and recycle! She is a changemaker! If you want more information on Abby, please visit: http://recycledrainbows.org/index.html


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