In 2017, Sydnee was 13 years old when she founded Jumbled Dreams. Sydnee used to live in a town that was classified as disadvantaged by the Census Bureau. Her family was all employed, but a lot of families in the area lost their jobs when the coal mines closed down.  This left a number of Sydnee’s friends without adequate food or clothing.  Seeing that, Sydnee knew that she wanted to do something to help.  “Being there in my hometown and seeing my own friends not have what they needed broke my heart. I knew right then that my goal in life was to help others in any way I can.  I will do whatever it takes to make a difference in this world!

Initially, Sydnee has raised money for numerous causes and in multiple venues, even by crocheting scarves and hats. She has given funds to the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, sponsored a little girl in Nicaragua, and purchased school supplies for a classroom in Uganda. She also helped to purchase shoes, sock, and backpacks filled with school supplies for over 500 kids.  And then she went a step further — she helped to wash the feet of those children before putting on their new socks and shoes.

Sydnee served in her school’s Student Council and started a separate organization called Echoes for Hope. The school has been involved in multiple community service activities including food drives, a school supplies drives and reading garden for a school in Gatlinburg that was destroyed in the 2016 fires, collecting over 5,000 items to make toiletry bags for the homeless in Nashville, and, of course, teacher appreciation.

Now that Sydnee heads up her own non-profit for good, her reach is boundless and unstoppable, just like her.